Six Important Facts Every Cat Owner Should Know


They come in furry bodysuits, a pair of fluffy ears, and a regal attitude. Yeah, all the stated descriptions point to one incredibly beautiful creature – a cat. They are adorable, loving, and undeniably irresistible. At times, they can be mischievous, but their menacing stares will remind you who the boss of the household is. Truly, these cute kitties are the purr-fect companions for any human being.

If you are a cat owner (and lover), it is essential to know how to take good care of them. Out of all the joy (and sometimes pain due to random scratches) they give us, it is required to treat them with high regard and love.

But before you can effectively care for a cat, it is best if you know more about them. Here are six facts about your feline buddies:

  • They are not fond of sweets.
    Cats’ tongues are absent of receptors that detect sweetness. From the big cats (including lions and tigers) down to domestic kitties, they cannot taste sweet foods. Scientists say that they do not require such flavor because their diet is originally driven by protein (like meat), not carbohydrates (like rice and flour).
  • Cats are productive species.
    Normally, a female cat can deliver two to eight kittens per labor. On an annual count, a healthy female cat can be pregnant thrice. Factoring in the usual lifespan of cats which is ten to fifteen years, a single mommy kitty can bring more than three hundreds kittens in her lifetime.
  • Body language.
    According to experts, if a cat stares intently at you, it may be a sign that it sees you as a threat. If a cat blinks slowly at you, it may mean that it sees you as a friend.
  • Dehydration can lead to kidney complications.
    Always leave a bowl of clean water before you leave. Akin to humans, a cat’s body is 75% water too. Keep their kidneys healthy by constant hydration because most of their food choices are dry products.
  • Milk is unhealthy for adult felines.
    In adulthood, a cat’s body loses Lactase – an enzyme that simplifies lactose. Feeding milk to cats may cause them diarrhea.
  • De-stressing agents.
    Cats are known to lower stress levels. Despite being bossy, cats are compassionate, caring, and friendly. They know when you are down and they allow you to pat them just to make things a whole lot better. Knowing they do so much for you, you must really return the favor by loving them right.

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