Things to Remember Before Purchasing Medications

Things to Remember Before Purchasing Medications

We all do our best to keep ourselves healthy. Eating a healthy diet, getting the right amount of rest, engaging in proper exercise, and keeping our stress levels as minimal as possible are all things we continuously strive to do because we know for sure that staying and living healthy is the key to a more fulfilling life. When we get sick, we compromise a lot of things such as our jobs, families, friends, or even personal activities we enjoy doing; not to mention, being sick can get costly, as we would be spending for trips to the hospital or clinic, and of course, medication.

We cannot, however, avoid certain situations in which we find ourselves battling an illness—whether it is a hereditary disease or a sickness caused by our getting contaminated with a virus or bacteria through any means. When this happens, it is important to still maintain a healthy lifestyle, however, we would be needing the aid of certain medications in order for us to combat the symptoms brought about by the disease, and eventually get better.

Here are a few reminders to keep in mind before purchasing and taking in medication—whether they be over the counter, or even prescribed:

  • Be Informed By The Components And Ingredients.

    When deciding on purchasing medications, be sure to know first the components that make up that particular drug. When prescribed, ask the doctor, or double check with the pharmacist to make sure that there are no ingredients in the drug that may cause an allergic reaction on your part, or worse, cause nasty side-effects. If your pharmacy offers compounding services, request for a compound which will not include the ingredient to which you should avoid.

  • Check the Expiration Date

    Before leaving the pharmacy, be sure to check the labels in your medication for the expiry date. Some components of the drug may de-stabilize after a certain period of time and may cause complications if you take it. Otherwise, medicines after the expiry date may no longer work at all.

  • Ask for a Generic Version

    Some prescribed medications are fairly expensive, and if you are to take quite a lot of this for the duration of your illness, or as a maintenance drug, then the cost may drain you of your resources and cause more stress than necessary. It is very important, then, to ask your pharmacist if a generic substitute is available for the prescribed drug. The generic medication contains the same components as that of your prescribed medicine only that it is not branded, and will, therefore, come at a lower cost.

It is therefore imperative to also get medications from a pharmacy you can trust, and with pharmacists who can guide you in your pharmaceutical needs.

Eastern’s Pharmacy is a pharmacy in Seattle that strives to give high-quality service by combining thoroughly checked, properly stored, and correctly labeled products. We are also a team of knowledgeable, highly capable, and well-trained pharmacists and personnel who are ready and willing to inform you of what you need to know and guide you in your medication and other pharmaceutical needs. At Eastern’s Pharmacy, we offer our services with a heart, making sure that we guide you along the path to wellness.

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