Special Packaging Services in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Special Packaging Services in the Pharmaceutical Industry

When you are taking numerous medications for your different conditions and health issues, it is always inevitable for you to be confused about which pill is for your blood pressure maintenance and which is one is the vitamin supplement for the eyes.

This might really cause a problem for people especially those who are constantly traveling or have poor eyesight. It is fortunate therefore that many pharmacies today offer special packaging services. Pharmaceutical packaging is considered to be a crucial service in the pharmaceutical industry. Apart from personal comfort and convenience, special packaging is done to keep your medicine from being contaminated and ensure that the product is safe for intake. Special packaging was also created to protect children from accidentally ingesting a harmful amount of the drug in the container.

Here are common special package services offered by pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies nowadays:

  • Blister Packaging

    Known as a unit-dose packaging, blister packaging provides the consumer with the assurance of product integrity. Shelf-life and acceptable dosage are among the information that must be placed on the blister pack. This serves as a ready guide to refer to once you are taking the medicine. Blister packaging also proves to be tamper resistant to a certain degree so you are assured that the product is protected from humidity or any external factor that might affect the effectiveness of the product.

  • Child-proof packaging

    According to statistics, many children in the States are sent to the hospital because of ingesting medicines that were placed on the counter, on the table or anywhere where a child has access to. Some of these cases are not fatal. But there were some wherein children took large, grave doses of household drugs like acetaminophen and cough medicines that caused severe damage to the child. For this reason, child-proof packaging was created. Child-resistant safety caps are used for medicine bottles to ensure that they cannot be opened easily by children.

  • Large Print Packs

    The elderly members are usually the most frequent consumer of medications in the entire family. To ensure that they will take the right medicine, vials, bottles and other medicine containers are labeled with large, visible typefaces.

  • Group Packaging

    For numerous medications, group packaging is used. This helps avoid confusion in which medicine to take. Some group packaging services also make the medicine intake smoother since some allow for schedules to be included in the pack.

Packaging plays an important role in getting your health back or controlling your health condition. Get the right packaging services today at the pharmacy in Seattle nearest you. Call Eastern’s Pharmacy to know more about our packaging services.


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