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It is a very critical decision when choosing your neighborhood pharmacy. Eastern’s Pharmacy in Seattle, Washington understands that it takes trust and confidence from the customer. With each day that we work at our drugstore, we make mindful efforts to win your trust and to maintain your confidence in both our services and the pharmaceutical products we offer.

Every family needs a pharmacist who is caring, detail-oriented, knowledgeable and most off all, easy to approach. You will find such people at Eastern’s Pharmacy in Seattle, Washington. Our staff is willing to take the time to go over your medication plan, provide you with valuable advice and also offer you various options from generic brands, brand-name medications and compounding solutions. To us, you are not just a number; you are a person with distinct medication needs and, sometimes, limited budgets. Our job is to fulfill your healthcare requirements to ensure your well-being and long-term good health without spending more than you need to.

Apart from our very competent staff to take care of your medication requirements, Eastern’s Pharmacy in Seattle, Washington also makes use of state of the art computer technology which will ensure your prescription needs are accurately fulfilled.

We are privately-owned and operated. Our drugstore is big enough to supply your healthcare requests but we’re small enough to keep our service personalized. Drop by our pharmacy today and you’ll be greeted with a smile by the wonderful staff at Eastern’s Pharmacy! We look forward to many more years of serving you.

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Call 206-622-6094 or set a schedule to talk about your medication plan. Eastern’s Pharmacy is always at your service!

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