Over the Counter Drugs vs Prescription Drugs: What’s the Difference?


Medicines and dietary supplements have become a part of our everyday lives. Whether we drink medicine tablets to relieve physical pain or just to maintain a healthy body, it is safe to say that we are quite dependent on these things.

For a long time now, we have been talking about medicines of all sorts but we never really had done a deeper research on the difference between the medicines we buy over the counter and those that are prescribed to use by our doctors. At Eastern’s Pharmacy, a premiere Pharmacy in Seattle, we will give you all the information you need about this two.

Over the counter drugs, generally.
These are the type of medicines that can be easily accessed by anyone. It can be easily found in all pharmacies and it is of generic use. Over-the-counter-drugs treat minor diseases like a headache, fever, stomachache, and even sore eyes.
Buying OTC does not necessarily require a doctor’s order. You can easily find it on the shelves of the pharmacy and you can use it right away. In case some people might have a headache or a cough and colds as well, these OTC drugs can be given to them without doctor’s permission.

Prescription drugs, generally.
What makes prescription drugs different from OTC drugs is that they are strictly prescribed by the doctor. No one can easily get these medicines because pharmacists are the ones who can only dispense them. These prescription drugs are not available for everyone because there are chemicals mixed in the drugs that could harm patients.
It is important to note the significant difference between prescription drugs and over the counter drugs that the former needs a doctor’s prescription while the latter does not.

Do they have the same effects?
As regards to the efficacy of the drugs, both are effective in their own rights. If you are only seeking for temporary relief from any common health ailments like colds and fever, an over the counter drug can work best for you. But if you have a more serious disease like cancer or diabetes, surely, you cannot just settle for a pain reliever. You will need a stronger drug that can control or fight off the inflammation in your body.

However, when it comes to overdosage, both drugs can lead to addiction. It is normal that the pain that we feel will not subside right away just after drinking our medicines. Sometimes, despite drinking our medicine, we can still feel discomfort in our body. Because we want an immediate result, we tend to drink too many kinds of medicines than what is prescribed.

Overdosage is a serious matter. It could lead to addiction or hospitalization. We have to remember that all the medicines that we put in our body have active chemical ingredients. When our immune system cannot fight the toxins that come along with it, our body will surely suffer.

Hence, what we promote in our growing Pharmacy in Seattle, the Eastern’s Pharmacy, smart consumerism. We have already established the fact that medicines are part of our lives. Thus, the only way to keep ourselves from being too dependent on these medicines is to know their composition, their effects on the body, and the possible damage it can do to us.

Be smart about your health, ask our pharmacists about your prescription medicines or over the counter drugs. For queries, you can visit or call us at 206-622-6094.

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