Dangers of Hepatitis That You Need to Know

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The liver is the largest internal organ and plays some of the most vital roles in our system. Some of its most important roles in our body include storing vitamins and minerals, changing food into energy, and cleaning our toxic substances from the blood. A damaged liver will definitely affect the overall functioning and health of the body and that’s why it’s vital that we protect it from threatening diseases like Hepatitis, a contagious disease that is affecting millions of people in the world today. Because of this, Hepatitis immunizations are provided by health agencies, hospitals, and pharmacies, including us, at Eastern’s Pharmacy, the most trusted Pharmacy in Seattle.

What causes Hepatitis and how does it damage the liver?

Hepatitis is the most common liver disease in the world and it can be caused by many ways, including excessive drug or alcohol use. Today, there at least 5 viruses that cause Hepatitis – Hepatitis A, B, C, D, & E – and they are spread in different ways. Hepatitis A & E are mostly spread through contaminated food or water while Hepatitis B, C, and D are passed to another through the infected person’s blood or bodily fluids.

Hepatitis inflames the liver and stops it from functioning well. The initial infection is referred as acute Hepatitis. However, when the disease lasts beyond a couple of months, it’s already considered a chronic hepatitis. Hepatitis A & E do not become chronic but the other 3 viruses can be severely damaging if left untreated. Some Hepatitis heals by itself while some lasts for a lifetime. If a hepatitis becomes chronic, it would lead to even more serious liver disease such as liver cirrhosis or cancer.

How to Prevent Hepatitis?

Always be mindful of what you drink or eat. Always practice proper sanitation and avoid taking excessive alcohol or drugs. But because it’s almost impossible to know sometimes if the person you encounter has hepatitis, the best thing to do to avoid the disease is to get immunized. While Hepatitis C, D, and E have no vaccinations, immunizations for Hepatitis A and B are offered in many hospitals, health centers, and pharmacies, like us, at Eastern’s Pharmacy, the leading Pharmacy in Seattle.

Today, infectious diseases threaten our lives at anytime and anywhere. To protect yourself and your loved ones from life-threatening diseases that may come your way, get proper immunizations as soon as you can. If you’re looking for a Pharmacy in Seattle that offers the best and safest immunizations, come visit us here, at Eastern’s Pharmacy. To know more about the immunizations and other services we offer, visit our website at

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