The Low Down on Generic Medications


Brand name medications are not cheap, especially if you need to purchase a lot of them to fill a prescription. However, if you are on a budget or simply do not feel comfortable spending that much on medicine, there is a safe and more affordable alternative. This alternative is generic medication. Unlike brand name options, this kind of medication is quite affordable! You can also find them in a Pharmacy in Seattle, like Eastern’s Pharmacy.

Here are some information about generic medications and what you need to know about them:

  1. Affordable: The main selling point of generic medication is the fact that they are affordable. Unlike brand name drugs, they do not have to charge extra for development costs. This is why brand name medications are so expensive. Companies spend millions of dollars developing these kinds of medications and to recoup their investment, they have to charge more for their products. Generic medications on the other hand simply copy the formulas already developed and make slight changes, thus they are able to avoid the expensive development costs.

  2. Safety: Even though generic medications are copies and more affordable, it does not mean they are inferior to brand name medications. They are actually on par with brand name options and the reason for this is because they are regulated by the same laws, standards, and regulations. So you can rest easy knowing that they are safe to take.

  3. Effectiveness: Brand name medications are required by law to be just as effective as the medications they are imitating. However, since they cannot directly copy the formula of brand name medications, they have to change out some ingredients so it is important to check the ingredients for anything that you may be allergic to.

That is just the basics on generic medications. They are a great alternative for when you are on a budget or if you are simply looking for a much more affordable option for your health. If you are interested in finding out more about these medications, please do not hesitate to check out our website today.

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