Guide to Making Shots Easy For Kids


Vaccination can help your child be free from risks of serious illnesses. But the thing is that it hurts—a little. Well, it depends on the pain tolerance of a person. For adults, vaccination could be bearable and pain can be tolerable. However, children don’t have this kind of resolve when it comes to vaccination. That is why, as parents, you will most of the time have troubles in keeping your kids settled while visiting the doctor.

It is not anymore surprising why kids fear going to the doctors’ because they most likely think that vaccination is on the way. However, you can help your kids endure the shots so that you can all have a smooth experience as you visit the clinic. Eastern’s Pharmacy has these tips for you:

  • Explain what your visit is for.
    When it’s the scheduled vaccination of your child, don’t simply brush off their anxiety about going to the clinic. It’s best that you will explain in simple terms, in the level of understanding of your kids, why the shots are essential and how it works to protect them. When your kids are able to grasp the idea that it has benefits for them, it will alleviate the fears they have.
  • Be cautious about your explanation.
    When you’re explaining to your kids about their shots, you don’t have to go on the exact details. Don’t reveal too much about the procedure too. It will only make their anxiety even worse. You can try to be vague at some point when your child is persistent in interrogating you regarding their needed shots.
  • Comfort your child.
    After the inoculation, provide a comforting presence for your child. For instance, you could place them on your lap. You can put a cold compress in the injection site so that it doesn’t swell and hurt that much. You can always consult the physician regarding home remedies if the pain becomes unbearable or when your child keeps on crying.
  • Reward your child.
    In order to ward off the idea that the doctor’s visit is an unpleasant experience for your child, you can help condition their mind in a way that they see it in a different light. You might want to try Pavlovian-conditioning by giving your child a treat every after getting the shot such as by bringing them to their favorite restaurant or by buying them an ice cream. This way, your child will somehow forget the painful experience, and instead dwell in the gratifying feeling of having a reward afterwards.

Even if the shots, which are also available in most Pharmacies in Seattle, are stressful to you and your kids, always remember not to show your anxiety to them. They can easily pick up your emotions and know you’re anxious too. It can make your child feel terrified if you are also bothered with everything that’s going around. What you need to do is to provide constant support so that you can allow your kids to enjoy the experience.

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