How Your ABC’s Can Help

How Your ABC’s Can Help

Nowadays, the list of things that can make you sick seem longer than ever. You have stress, heat, dehydration, the rain, the snow, lack of sleep, and just about everything that weakens your immune system.

Unfortunately, you are the ones unconsciously making your bodies weak and susceptible to pathogens. Everyone tends to abuse their bodies nowadays: working until able, sleeping less to party, eating oily food, and even something as simple as forgetting your umbrellas and exposing yourself more to the elements. It’s so easy to overlook our body’s needs, and more often do we not listen to it, because just as long as we can work, have fun, or do whatever it is that you love, then you are fine, right?

Even worse, you forget to take your vitamins. It is something your parents always pushed down your throats. Yes, it tasted quite disgusting sometimes, but you were healthy, and you got to play a lot. Little did you know that it was partly because of all the vitamins you had to take growing up. Now, it’s something that can be easily overlooked when it should not be the case. You should all think of vitamins as something that re-enforces the body’s 3 lines of defense. They all make it in different colors of tablets now which should be both appealing and easier to consume. Good riddance to those bottles of liquid vitamins that may have contributed to your dislike in vitamins.

Never take your vitamins for granted, and now, we won’t even allow you to. Get a hold of us at Eastern’s Pharmacy. We are a Pharmacy in Seattle that offers a delivery service for all your medication needs. With our help, you won’t have any more excuses like the drugstore’s too far, too crowded, or that you hate queuing. Get your orders right at your doorstep.

Visit or you may contact us at 206-622-6094 to sign up for our delivery service, and to know more about us.

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