Keep Away from the Flu!

Keep Away from the Flu!

The months October until May is known as the flu season. This is confirmed by experts around the United States of America, and the government itself is helping each and every one of us to battle this age-long problem.

Flu is a health problem we all face yearly. And because of that, Eastern’s Pharmacy provides influenza vaccine. This vaccine is not just your everyday solution. To level with your understanding, we listed some facts you need to know about the seasonal flu and how immunization can change the way we fight the problem.

  1. The most effective way to combat flu is through vaccination

    There has been a lot of skepticism surrounding vaccines. Worried parents opt to not submit their child to immunization processes. This is because they hate to see their child in any form of pain.

    However, not giving your child flu shots every year can further endanger them and give them more pain. Doctors cannot stress it out enough, and as a Pharmacy in Seattle, we say this once again: flu shots are effective and can help you and your child fight the seasonal flu.

  2. Flu does not exempt the healthy people

    Just because you are healthy, it does not mean the flu will not visit you. This is not the same case when the Angel of Death skipped the houses of people who painted lamb’s blood on their doors in Ancient Egypt.

    Believe it or not, even the healthiest people are susceptible of catching flu. The most disturbing part of this fact is that the CDC or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that flu is deadly. In fact, it is more effective in summoning one’s death than automobile crashes and gun violence.

  3. Healthy habits and proper hygiene decrease the risk of acquiring flu

    Another way of protecting yourself from flu is to accompany your yearly vaccination with proper hygiene. As cheesy as it may sound, but hand washing is one of the most effective tools against the influenza. It prevents the viruses from entering your system, and therefore gives you a pass.

    Another thing you need to note is that respiratory etiquette matters. What is respiratory etiquette? These etiquette includes covering your mouth when you sneeze and coughing or sneezing on your sleeves rather than your hand.

  4. Say no to nasal spray vaccine

    Many people say no to vaccines because they do not want to be submitted to torture – a small prick of a needle. That is why in the recent years, these patients opted for a less painful method, and this includes the nasal spray vaccine.

    Just last year, the CDC does not recommend people to use this type of vaccine. It did not lower the cases of flu and it only proved to be useless. Last year, researchers have documented that the nasal spray was less effective compared to the previous years.

    But you do not have to worry. If the scientists have already figured out what the cause of the problem is, then maybe we can get back to using these nasal spray vaccines.

  5. The influenza virus affects us every year

    There is a reason why we need to get flu shots every year. One is that the flu virus can change over some period in time. As these viruses transform, we all need to equip ourselves yet again with the latest weapon available through science and research.

    Because of the need for flu vaccinations, the government has been providing free annual shots. But the government is not the only one who is taking necessary courses of actions. Pharmacies, such as Eastern’s Pharmacy, are committed to help each and every citizen become immune to the virus.

Our scientific achievements have led us to various conveniences these past few years. Before, children having polio needed to suffer the disease all their lives. But now, parents do not have to worry of the said disease.

We are now in that point in time where we will no longer fear preventable diseases. The battle between the viruses that causes flu and the human race can be won. So help us rise up against these tiny enemies and be immunized. Visit for more details.


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