Tips on How to Choose and Use Over-the-counter Drugs

Tips on How to Choose and Use Over-the-counter Drugs

In an attempt to save money from paying a physician to diagnose and prescribe them medicine, more people opt to diagnose their own illness, if it’s not that serious or severe, and identify which over-the-counter medicine they should take for it.
Over-the-counter medicines
are medicines that you can purchase at any pharmacy, like us, at Eastern’s Pharmacy, the leading Pharmacy in Seattle, that requires no prescription from the physician. However, just because it requires no prescription doesn’t mean there is no harm in taking it carelessly. Here are some guidelines in choosing over-the-counter drugs.

Avoid wild guesses. In self-diagnosing and taking medicines, one single mistake can lead to much more complicated situations. If you are unsure about what over-the-counter medicine you ought to take for whatever it is you are struggling from, always make sure to ask the advice of the pharmacist. They will be able to provide you with details about dosage and the potential risks for not complying with the given dosage. Never take more than what is recommended by the pharmacist.

Choose the product wisely. Don’t settle on a brand because it’s cheaper or because it’s the most popular in the market or in the commercials on TV. Choose a product that has the ingredients appropriate in treating the illness you have. Read the label carefully. Identify the ingredients and take note of the precautions provided.

Beware of fake medicines. Purchase your over-the-counter medicines from trusted sources and pharmacies, like us at Eastern’s Pharmacy, to make sure that you are getting safe and genuine drugs. Otherwise, your safety and health would be at great risk.

Identify its effects as well as the side-effects. To get the accurate answer, talk to the attending pharmacist and ask everything you want to know about the drug you wish to acquire. Great pharmacists, like our staff here, at Eastern’s Pharmacy, the number one Pharmacy in Seattle, are always open to provide you with the right and detailed information about the medicine, including its side-effects and the possible interaction it may have on your diet or the other medication and supplements you are currently taking.

Even when taking over-the-counter medicines, if you’re uncertain about things, like how it will affect your system or for how long you should take it, the best thing to do is always seek the advice of your pharmacist. It gives you the benefit of gaining accurate information for your safety at a cost of nothing. If you’re in need of a trusted Pharmacy in Seattle to give you safe and genuine over-the-counter medicines, Eastern’s Pharmacy is the right pharmacy for you. Call us today at 206-622-6094.

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