Understanding Generic Medicines: Is It for You?

Understanding Generic Medicines: Is It for You?

Our medications are essentials of our health and wellness every day. When we have illnesses or pains, we will not be able to live the quality life we want. Our work and productivity are also obstructed. But when these ailments are treated with the right medicine from a Pharmacy in Seattle, Washington, we can pursue the kind of life we want.

There are two types of medicines, namely generic and branded ones. In this post, we would like to highlight the generic medicines. As active advocates of medication adherence, we understand that one major issue why patients cannot adhere to their medications is because the drugs are too expensive for them. For this reason, generic medications are created.

Before we dig a little deeper on what generic medicines are, we first have to distinguish between generic and branded medicines. How different are they?<

Well, aside from their prices, where generic meds are way more affordable than their branded equivalents, it’s also important to note that not all branded medicines have generic counterparts. This is usually the case for medicines that have just been newly developed. When this is the case for your prescription, you have to find proactive ways to comply with your medication instruction. Meanwhile, you’ve got to use the branded medicines so your condition can be treated.

On the other hand…

Generic medicines contain bio-equivalent potency of branded drugs. What this means is that generic medicines can still perform its original purpose based on the active ingredient. Since branded medicines are legally protected, they should not be exactly copied. Generic medicines are instead another version of the branded drug, perhaps of a different color, but still as effective because of the sam e active ingredients.

However, here’s a very important reminder. When you’re going to opt for the generic equivalent of your branded prescription, ensure that you’ve asked your doctor or a pharmacist providing Prescriptions Delivery in Seattle, Washington. These healthcare professionals are your key allies in adhering to your medicines. Furthermore, your pharmacist may be able to recommend other generic medications options that are very perfect for your budget.

And here’s the explanation why generic drugs are more affordable.

The development of a brand new drug is very costly. First, there’s getting a patent which legally seals the medicine to its developer for all time. This patent protects the pharmaceutical developer from other teams who create similar medicine. This legal protection can last up to 17 years. Because of this, when we buy a branded medicine, we’re also, in essence, paying for the cost of research, patent procedures, safety nets, and other expenses spent to generate the medicine. Hence, the hefty cost.

Finally, is taking generic medicines right for you? What we can tell you is that generic drugs are safe and potent. But as to whether the medicine is right for your condition or not, your doctor or pharmacist can help you decide.

For other inquiries about generic drugs, contact us at Eastern’s Pharmacy.

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